Robert Vitelli delivers inspirational live presentations for various organizations around the world. As a leading authority on peak performance and the achievement of record breaking results, Robert is a world-class speaker who intimately understands the dynamics and desired outcomes of live events.

Robert's dramatic and entertaining story telling skills combined with his unique ability to connect with an audience and speak to their highest needs is beyond extraordinary. Rarely can a speaker move, inspire, and entertain your audience as Robert does.

Robert's only question: How can I best serve your audience to reach their goals and achieve their greatest potential? The value your audience will receive from Robert's teaching - whether it be for sales and influence training, wealth building principles, leadership and goal achievement, or a topic custom to your event - is immeasurable.

Contact Robert's office at 702-538-7650 to learn more about how he can meet your upcoming event needs.

“Robert has helped me redefine success in a most powerful and unique way. His amazing work should be experienced by everyone.”

Karen P. - California


"I’m experiencing more peace, joy, and power that I ever thought possible on a daily basis."

Chris T.