Imagine having a "Live" Stage or Virtual Presentation scripted and tailor made that did 99% of the selling for you.

Robert's clients consistently report a 6 figure INCREASE to their revenue as a direct result of his presentation writing and consulting.

From a seasoned guru to an absolute beginner, Robert will hand craft a custom presentation that quickly and elegantly converts more of your prospects into buyers... GUARANTEED.

Whether you have a $47 Information Product or a $100,000 Coaching Program or a Corporate talk coming up, Robert can design a presentation that inspires and moves your audience... AND converts like crazy. These custom made presentations can be utilized for an automated Webinar or create a stampede of customers rushing to the back of the room after your live stage talk to buy your package.

Robert has also been known as the "Secret Weapon" behind some of the biggest experts in various industries around the globe.

With more that 7,500 presentations under his belt Robert's techniques and presentation strategies have helped him personally break 7 company sales records in 4 different industries.

Some of the highlights of Robert Presentation creation & design is:

Increasing you or your companies income by 6 figures with a single, masterfully crafted persuasive pitch structure
Secrets to using simple stories to connect and move your audience into immediate action
Strategic imagery to subconsciously move your audience to take buying and other desired actions
Hypnosis-based presentation formatting combined with various NLP language patterns, anchoring and commands to ethically control your audience to buy now
Subtle voice and body secrets to make all your presentations irresistible to your listeners
The difference between public speaking and profitable speaking. If you want to make serious cash from speaking engagements and webinars, then you'll need to understand the difference.

As a master presenter and speaker, you can also:

Effortlessly command a room or a webinar presentation consistently enrolling and closing at 20% to 30% and even as high as 50%
Have expert gurus and promoters seek you out to partner up with on joint ventures
Open doors to the top connections in the industry
Have a rockstar status as a top speaker in your industry

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"Robert’s message and teachings are inspirational, powerful and impactful. After seeing many teachers and speakers, Robert has a unique and elegant way of taking the most complex concepts and boiling them down to simple and usable methods.”

"I am so grateful for finding this work. I love how fun and enjoyable the process has been. I never imagined growing and receiving what I’ve always wanted could be so easy. Thank you, thank you!"

Betty H.


“Robert's systems have been extremely successful for my business. Within just 4 months, my business experienced a 300% increase in bottom line profits. Whatever you do, work with Robert!"

Carol D. - Indiana