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Robert Vitelli is a highly in demand Business Strategist, Coach and Mentor as well as the author of several National Best Selling books.

“Fight For Your Dreams”
with Les Brown

“Leading The Field”
by Robert Vitelli

“Pushing To The Front”
with Brian Tracy

With 27 years of experience in “Breakthrough” Personal Growth Technologies as well as 23 years in Sales and Direct Response Marketing, Robert has broken 7 different company Sales records in 4 separate industries and is one of the most respected "Success Advisors" in the world today.

Robert Vitelli also delivers inspirational “live” presentations for various organizations and entrepreneurial audiences around the world. As a leading authority on Personal Mastery, Robert is a world-class speaker who intimately understands the dynamics & desired outcomes of live events.

Robert's dramatic and entertaining story telling skills, combined with his unique ability to connect intimately with an audience and speak directly to their most common subconscious needs is beyond extraordinary.

No other speaker will move your audience as Robert can, and yet Robert brilliantly, generously and intentionally uplifts the entire experience by consciously giving credit to the brilliance of speakers who have also addressed the audience with him.

For more information on Robert and his various programs call his corporate offices at 702-538-7650

I have been given a whole new look on life and can't express how grateful I am for everything I have learned. After 32 years I'm sure I have found what I want to do. I guess I've always had an idea just never knew how or what to do with it exactly. I would love to express my admiration and complete gratitude for the chance and opportunity he has extended to me and I can't wait til I can do the same for others!!!!

Jessica Lied


I am truly a changed man. To all my friends and family. I would like to just say a general I'm sorry. I have been able to take a step out of my body and take a look at some things in my life that I needed to change or I needed to put in check. I've been taught to see myself from a different view. There's a whole world out there and if we all just said I'm going to help out too, we would all make a difference like Robert Vitelli. Robert makes a HUGE difference and I owe my newfound clarity and life vision to him.

Jay R.